Detroit People Mover

If ¬†you’re a visitor from out of town then chances are that you want to experience Detroit in it’s glory. The thing the remember is that you don’t always have to take a car service or even a taxi cab to get around the immediate downtown Detroit area. In fact, with the Detroit Light Rail and the Detroit People Mover, chances are that you’ll be able to get to just about anywhere for a fraction of the cost of a taxi cab or car service.

Riding the Detroit People Mover not only offers visitors a chance to visit places like Grand Circus Park, The Greektown Casino and Hotel, or other bars like Anchor Bar or Joe Louis Arena. It also gives visitors a nice chance to checkout the city in, what we like to call, a $.50 tour of the city. All in the all the People Mover takes about 15 minutes to complete and circles around the city in a manner that gives riders a glimpse into Windsor, Canada, The GM Renaissance Center, and other hidden gems in Detroit.

So before you hail a taxi or call your favorite luxury sedan service (Ahem, Us!) hop on the Detroit People Mover and see what Detroit has to offer.


For more information regarding the People Mover, check out Detroit People Mover.